Grade 5 - Miss Fryer

10 August 2017

The grade fives decided to start off the new term with something that would inspire them to work hard before starting their Afrikaans work for the term. They did this in the form of Afrikaans posters whereby they were required to be write creative inspirational and motivational quotes in Afrikaans. This proved to be no challenge as learners produced original and bright colored posters which are now being displayed in some of their classrooms. This was a fun way to ease into the routine of school after the holidays but also a great way for learners to learn some new Afrikaans words.






We have an exciting term with regards to Egypt Day in September. Learners designed some excellent cover pages in their History books that related to Egypt, an Ancient African society.



At the end of every week Miss Fryer’s class enjoys spinning the wheel of fortune to discover what their reward could be after a hard week of work.


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