Grade 6 - Miss Morris

30 May 2017

It happened years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Christmas Eve and my dad was coming home from the war. What should’ve been a wonderful night of excitement and happiness turned into a night of tragedy and tears.

My mom had received news from the war office that my dad had been shot in the head and was dying. There was nothing the doctors could do. They brought my dad home on a stretcher and placed him in bed. The white bed sheets had been stained red with his blood. I kneeled next to him. He told me to look after my mom and that he would watch over me from heaven. He then took the medal, representing leadership, off his jacket and hooked it onto my charm necklace. With his last breath he said, “Do great things in this world my child.” Then his eyes closed and he died.

His funeral took place on Christmas day. I know the Lord and Angels are taking care of him and he’s happy but it’s still hard. That day my face looked like Niagara Falls with all the tears pouring down my cheeks. His death was a burning wound in my heart but like all wounds, over time, it will eventually heal.

Three, long, depressing months later my wound was still burning like fire. I had to manage a part time job to support my sick mom. My dad’s death was the hardest obstacle I had to overcome. We were so close. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a cruel nightmare.

The only thing that made me smile is that he died fighting, fighting for our freedom, for our country and for me. His bravery benefited the entire army. He was prepared to give his life for freedom. He was prepared to give his life for me.

It’s been seven years since his death. Every year I throw a party in his honour, and to celebrate his life. I know I’ll see him again. When I get to heaven he’ll be waiting for me with that friendly smile on his face, because although sometimes it’s hard to believe, with every storm there’s a rainbow.

By Jessica Phillips

Grade 6 Morris

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