Grade 7 - Miss Blom

02 May 2017


I really enjoyed Spirit of Adventure. I had an absolute blast doing all the activities. I loved being able to be free and being treated as a young adult was amazing.

The cabins (more like kennels) were snug and cosy, although the mattresses were sticky, it was still good to get out of my comfort zone.  One of my favourite activities was when Kaden Cooke and I had to make a chicken potjie.  It was delicious and I had fun making it.

The breakfast and lunch they provided us with was very satisfying and they were healthy meals. The scariest part was when we went orienteering. Jaime, Daniel, Ethan and myself got lost far away on the other side of the dam when the storm came. Lightning struck right next to us and we all clutched our ears and ran as fast as we could, screaming. I have never been so scared in my amazing life.

I went in the snake pit which was one of my fears because I get Closter phobic. The worst was that they didn’t have water for us. All together Spirit of Adventure was truly the best excursion ever, even though I got sick all over the tree after too many zoo biscuits.

I give Spirit of Adventure a five star rating. What a great experience!

By Keagan Best



The best parts at Spirit of Adventure were abseiling, rock climbing, the scaventure hunt, Snake Pit, Mini Olympics, cooking, the obstacle course and working as a team with people I don’t really know.

Although there were lots of fun parts, there were also parts for example in the cabin I stayed. There was a hole big enough for a snake to come through. The hot chocolate was very sweet, and the smell of the dam almost make me vomit, the walks to all the activities were long and my shirt infested with ants that kept biting me during stalk the lantern.

My goal was to participate in all the activities so I did most of the activities.  I was first to finish or first to start.

I think they should definitely cover up the hole in the cabin I was in, they should get bigger cabins for us to stay in and open the tuckshop every day.

I would recommend it to others because there are lots of team bonding, fun activities, fears that will be overcome and working out in the wild with the only electronic devise, your torch.

By Ben Cobbold

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